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Mental Illness


"We Get Real"


The Psychology of Mental Illness

This Website speaks of the "unspeakable" and offers radically new ways of looking at mental illnesses.  It links the negative behavior of parents to selfish choices and reactions of the mentally ill.


Like it or not, the ultimate responsibility for healing from a mental illness lies with the mentally ill person.   In order to heal, a disturbed person must decide to stop selfishly controlling and reacting, and start making consistent truly right choices. 


The true causes of any mental illness are the disturbed person's own selfish, controlling, reactive, subconscious choices.   A parent bears responsibility for inciting a child's wrong, reactive choices.


Medical theories that claim the causes of mental illness are a defective gene, a brain-chemical imbalance, or a complex combination of biological and environmental factors, are false, self-serving, and unproven.  The motives behind the current medical "push" are extremely questionable and impair healing.


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Roots of Dysfunction
Understanding Mental, Emotional, Behavioral & Sexual Disorders

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"Nowhere to Go"
Autistic Children and Teens Mentally and Emotionally Withdrawing from the Subconscious Rejection of Both Their Parents
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Origins of a Disorder Book

Alzheimer's Book



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Our Mission

To advance new understanding and offer groundbreaking information about the psychological,
parent-related causes of child, teen, and adult disorders.


The Key Message


False medical assumptions have opened a door to costly, dangerous, psychiatric drug treatment that, at best, control symptoms but never lead to healing.  That is because the true causes of mental illnesses are "psychological," not biological.   Essentially, every mental illness is an extreme "selfish reaction." 


Those suffering a serious mental illness are in a state of extreme selfish reaction.  The main objects of their reactions, invariably, are unloving and extremely selfish, controlling, abusive parents.  The symptoms of mental illnesses also relate to subconscious psychological elements, among them are parent-related negative agreements and selfish behavior patterns.


No mentally ill child, teen, or adult ever actually heals from conventional medical treatments.  The main reason that medical solutions elude us is that medical assumptions about disorders are false. 


A Special Message


The subconscious must be properly understood to comprehend the roots of mental illnesses.  It is also necessary to accurately be aware of the psychological sophistication of unborn babies and infants.  It would be worth visitors' time to read some of the articles and books on this Website.



The information on this Website acts like a mirror that will reflect aspects of the self.  Visitors should bear in mind the truth of this quotation:


"It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on the battlefield."

William Butler Yeats



What You Will Find on This Site

  • Illuminating and challenging articles about mental illness and related topics.

  • Insightful clairvoyant case study samples generated by Jean Mastellone. 
    Her readings on children, teens, and adults suffering a mental illness reveal hidden, negative, subconscious psychological factors that are driving the disorder and its symptoms. 

  • Reasonably-priced eBooks (and soon Print Books) that will change how you think about dysfunctions, others, and yourself.  Readers can peek inside Book Catalog to get a glimpse of thought-provoking content.

Read Mental Illness Case Studies


Read Mental Illness Articles



Where the Information Came From

The information emerged during a 30-year independent research project.   The objective was to discover the true source of negative human behavior and experience. 


Neil Mastellone directed the project and interacted in the field with many hundreds of deeply troubled and highly reactive "friends."  He freely offered understanding about their mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual problems, and shared self-healing information.  Through these casual interactions, new understanding about underlying psychological causes disorders became obvious.


Jean Mastellone began assisting Neil in 1989.  She is a gifted clairvoyant who can see deeply into the human subconscious.  Jean has generated over 1200 detailed clairvoyant psychological readings.  Over the years, she has clairvoyantly studied and reported about subconscious psychological factors negatively influencing child, teen, and adult disorders.




This information is offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If your child, teen, or you have any health concerns, please consult your health care provider.


Public Challenge to Medical Professionals

1.  Most professionals insist that parent behavior is not an influential factor in Mental Illness, and that all previous parent-related theories regarding disorders have been "disproved."  We have never found scientific evidence that confirms that assertion.

2.  It is widely asserted that "brain-chemical imbalances" or "biological abnormalities" are influencing or causing Mental Illness.  We have never found scientific studies or evidence that confirms such conclusions. 

If anyone has confirming scientific evidence to decisively support either of the above medical assertions, we would be happy to accept and post the data on this Website.

(Note: We do not consider research results based on animal experiments or unverified answers from research questionnaires to be reliable or conclusive scientific evidence.  In addition, pictures of brain scans are not evidence of the cause of abnormal behavior.  As a matter of fact, it is actually the other way around; pictures of abnormal brain tissue are often the result and symptoms of selfishly controlled choices and negative psychological energies.)


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Unborn babies are extremely perceptive and psychologically sophisticated. They understand and suffer greatly from their parent's subconscious negative psychological intentions, thoughts, and feelings.


The causes of autism are not biological.  The true causes of autistic symptoms are subconscious, psychological, and parent-related.


Incest is a deeply hidden reality affecting the majority of families.  Reaction to incest underlies every serious mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual disorder we have investigated.


All of the gays we interacted with admitted to having been sexually abused by both their parents during most of their growing up years.

Double-parent incest plays a hidden role and is the primary source of a homosexual person’s preference, reactions, and pain.


Even abortions performed in a modern medical facility are not "safe."  Parents who abort a baby always suffer painful mental and emotional aftereffects. 


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Reveals hidden, subconscious, psychological factors causing Alzheimer's symptoms.


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Identifies and Explores Hidden Subconscious Parental Psychological Factors Influencing Common Disorders

Extreme Reaction Book

Exploring Adult Disorders Whose Origins Trace
Back into the Womb

Self-Induced Pain Book

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